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iPlan aims to:

  • Provide you with more Confidence, Control, Choice and Opportunity in your life – it is our Mission
  • Help you structure how you Earn your income in order to enhance it
  • Help you Grow your income, and make every dollar count
  • Guide you when you need to borrow funds and Leverage your position
  • Help Protect your Financial Position in case of misfortune
  • Provide an environment that allows you to Enjoy the money you have accumulated
  • Help you Preserve your assets well into the future

The iPlan Philosophy

Honesty: We are totally honest with each other in all dealings. At times this
means we may have to be realistic with you in relation to your aspirations.

Execution: If we agree to do certain things, we do it. The same holds true for your role in the process.

Accountability: We need to hold each other accountable to provide what was agreed.

Sharing: We will be open and share our ideas and knowledge – we invite you to share your experience with others.

Control: At the end of the day, you should feel more in control of your life
than ever before.

Value: The value you receive must always outweigh the cost – we will
analyse this first before we take you on as a client.

We love to help friends and family

Most of our new clients find us through an introduction from an existing client

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